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TGB 5106 7 In 1 Gift Set

TGB 5106 7 In 1 Gift Set

A comprehensive 7 in 1 gift set featuring a 500ml flask, A5 notebook, metal pen with stylus, 32GB pen drive, 3 in 1 data cable, stainless steel wine mug, and 5000mAh power bank. Ideal for professionals and students.


The TGB 5106 7 In 1 Gift Set is a premium collection of essential items designed for modern lifestyles. This versatile set includes a 500ml flask to keep beverages at the ideal temperature, an A5 notebook for capturing notes and ideas, a metal pen with a stylus for smooth writing and digital use, a 32GB pen drive for data storage, a 3 in 1 data cable for versatile charging needs, a stainless steel wine mug for enjoying drinks, and a 5000mAh power bank to keep your devices charged. This gift set is perfect for professionals, students, and anyone who values practicality and style.

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