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TGB 5130 7 In 1 Gift Set

TGB 5130 7 In 1 Gift Set

A comprehensive 7 in 1 gift set featuring bamboo notebook and flask, bamboo mug, wooden pen, wooden 3 in 1 data cable, wooden card holder, and metal key chain. Ideal for professionals and students.


The TGB 5130 7 In 1 Gift Set is a comprehensive and eco-friendly collection, perfect for those who value sustainability and practicality. This set includes a bamboo notebook and flask, offering natural aesthetics and functionality, a bamboo mug for enjoying beverages, a wooden pen for smooth and eco-conscious writing, a wooden 3 in 1 data cable for convenient charging, a wooden card holder for organizing cards, and a metal key chain for keeping keys secure. Ideal for professionals, students, or anyone who appreciates eco-friendly products, this gift set provides essential items in a stylish and sustainable package.

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